TinyMCE not working in terms of image uploads

Have not been able to upload images directly via TinyMCE.
After upload, the small icon appear on the place of uploaded images like offline images.

Presently have to first upload the images on some blog and then copy to our main site (http://thescholedge.org).

Pl suggest.

Some notes from looking into this on a base 2.4.7 install:
If your public_files_dir does not already have a writable “site” directory, the image upload will silently fail (with an message logged to your PHP error log).

Since you mention a broken image icon, I suspect this is not your issue. Rather, you may be experiencing a problem with your base_url configuration.

OJS is generally pretty forgiving with access from a URL that does not match the base_url setting (or settings), but the TinyMCE jbimages plugin will use the exact canonical url.

This will be a problem if your base_url is not actually web accessible, or in certain multisite/multijournal configurations. I have a fix for the multisite/multijournal configuration issue which I thought was being moved upstream, but apparently got lost.

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Accomplished. Thank you @ctgraham

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how to,…
help me

Howdy all, I think this is the closest existing thread…

Brand new fresh install of with Apache pointing to the home directory of /xxxx/htdocs/ojs/(index.php)
Using OJS tools (like Site>upload logo; upload CSS) all is good.

But using TinyMCE to upload an image inside a text area, and TinyMCE creates a path to the image with:

In other words, TinyMCE thinks there should be an /ojs/ component at root, but this is not the case.

Question is: how can I give TinyMCE a specific path for the base_url without breaking the rest of the site config?