Time management for the whole editorial workflow in OJS

Dear OJS-community,

after having used OJS only for the final publication of our articles so far, we will use the entire functionality of OJS for submission, review, copyediting and production from our next issue on. Now, I am particularly interested in the time management in OJS and the ability to set deadlines for each step in the publishing process.

The only point where we can set deadlines directly in OJS so far is the review phase. On the one hand, we can set the deadline by when the reviewer must have replied and, on the other hand, by when the final review must have been submitted.

My question now is, how can I set and manage other deadlines? For example, by when do authors have to resubmit their revised articles? By when must the copyeditor have finished editing a paper? By when must the typesetter have delivered the proofs, etc.? Is it possible to send reminder mails automatically on certain dates?

Are there ways to handle these time-management issues directly in OJS? Are there any plans in future versions of OJS for functions in this area, such as a calendar?

I am also very interested in how other magazines deal with these questions. Do the editors in charge clarify the dates in OJS internal mails with the authors, editors and typesetters?

Thank you very much!

This is a good question and ties in with the parallel question of exposing deadlines as calendar events:

I look forward to seeing the discussion here.

Thank you, @ctgraham for your link to the discussion concerning calendar integration! This would be an interesting feature for us as well