There is no formatting tab on tinymce

I am unable to justify the text, would you please guide me, how to do it. there is no option for formatting,
i tried to fix this issue by searching relevant question but does not work

this is the window what does it look like.

but I am trying to find this menu

Would anybody can help me , to fix this out? Please!

Hi @editor.pij,

See Tinymce editor different toolbars OJS 3.0 for information on customizing the TinyMCE tools.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have been through the above mentioned thread, but i am unable to understand that, where and which code, do i have to change to customize that toolbar.
Please elaborate.

Klik the icon <> and in the open editor add this css code ("style=“text-align:justify”) next inside the tag of the text as shown in the image belowScreenshot_20200224-202813