The stylesheet in the html doesn't load

Hi, I’m using the ojs and trying to see and html file with the css, like this
but when I look the code file there isn´t any link to the stylesheet. What can I do for see the html with the styles ?

Hi @Nicolas_Aguirre_Espi,

Through adding the CSS file are you able to provide a public facing link that you can then link to in your HTML file - and have you done this?

Also, we have some specific advice in one of our guides for how to go about providing styles for HTML galleys, you may want to have a look at this and follow the advice there:

PKP Team

The style for the html file load fine when I change in the data base in the table files the mymetipe of text/x-asm to text/css, but I can’t do this process for all the submissions, Do you know how can I fix this ?

Hi @Nicolas_Aguirre_Espi,

Hmm… I’m not sure what would be going on, so others might need to weigh in if they have any ideas.

PKP Team

Hi @Nicolas_Aguirre_Espi,

As you already noticed, in your case, PHP doesn’t determine MIME type correctly. I would check if php’s fileinfo extension is installed and working. Also, you can try to uncomment mime_database_path in OJS config file or change path to the one, your server uses.

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I’ve already try uncomment but doesnt’t work, and I don’t find where can I find the path in the server.

Can you double-check first if fileinfo extension is installed and enabled?

The extension is installed and enabled

As the next step to narrow the problem, I would create a script that checks fileinfo in action: It should show the correct MIME type text/css on your CSS file.

Probably, the easiest would be using mime_content_type function, included in this exension:, e.g.:



Will write the MIME type of the CSS file to the php error log after execution.

Also, you could check how your OS determines MIME type, e.g., on Ubuntu from the terminal file --mime-type path/to/file.css works for me. This shows if the problem is on the system configuration level rather than php