The same content of “Copyright Notice” to different licenses applied on OJS 2 and 3

The OJS, in versions and, applies any change on the “Copyright Notice” to all articles already published by the journal instead of applying to articles published after this change.

For example: if a journal opts for a license change and configures the license URL correctly, the previous articles will have one license and the later ones will have another. In both cases the license will correspond to the last configuration applied.

For this reason, a journal can have part of the works with a CC-BY-NC license and another part with a CC-BY license, for example.

However, the same does not occur with the text of the “Copyright Notice”. If you have an article with different licenses on the journal, you will have the same “Copyright Notice” for all articles.

I don’t know if this occurs in other versions of OJS because I only have access to these two. Is there a solution for this?

Nota de direitos autorais - print para PKP

Thank you!

Hello @PortalUFPE,

Thank you for your Post. Those versions of OJS are quite outdated and no longer supported. You might want to have a look at a more updated version of OJS, such as 3.3, which can do in our demo/test drive instance here:

PKP Team