The requested URL was not recognized - file uploads during article submission

We’ve had a lot of problem of this nature because our host, IONOS, won’t allow us to use disable_path_info =Off (see here).

This time, the error shows when an author tries to upload a file:


The web dev tools show that the offending URL is this:

I’ve checked and the article directory (in the above case, article #33) isn’t being created, which I guess is expected because the API that does this stuff isn’t being found.

I’ve tried my trick of using php.ini to set PATH_INFO (see the “solution” here) and I’ve tried swapping out instances of ORIG_PATH_INFO as here. I’ve also tried a fresh install in case whatever I did to fix the previous issues was the problem, but no luck.

Any ideas on where I should be looking to try and fix this specific issue?

We are on OJS

I’ve given up and started moving hosts, so consider this the solution!