The requested url is not recognized: fresh install

Greetings all,
Fresh install ( via the installer, running on a bare metal Ubuntu server.

I have set the permissions as recommended in the docs, but cannot create new entries in my new journal. For example, under About this Journal, submitting the form returns the “requested URL is not recognized” error.[]=context#masthead


As you can see above, I have opened up the permissions (g+w) on a number of additional directories in the hopes that whatever needed to be written can be written…but no joy.

What can I do to provide more specific troubleshooting clues?

Thanks in advance!


What’s in the server error log? Are there any messages from PHP there?

Greetings and thanks for the reply. There was a nice answer over on another thread: turns out I had a corruption in my config file that resulted in URLs being mis-interpreted. Once I set the configs back to default, all was good.