The ORCID iD you specified is invalid

Hi, I have a problem. I am using OJS .
When user sign up and enter ORCID in httpS format, he gets error “The ORCID iD you specified is invalid”.
But when he enter ORCID without S (http) – all right. But all ORCID URLs with HTTPS.
How can I fixed this bug?

Hi @dmasta,

When OJS 2.4.6 was released, https URLs were not allowed by the ORCID spec. If you upgrade to the latest release of OJS, they will be accepted.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you very much, Translation results

this really helps the problem i’m facing

Hi @Tahu_Tempe,

This is an older post. I’m not clear by your post if you are posing a question or not, but if so, please feel to create a new post.

Best regards,

PKP Team