The ORCID iD you specified is invalid. Please include the full URI

We are using OJS 3.3.0-12 and if we update the metadata (Contributors) of the user during the issue published then ORCID not accepting if HTTP"// instead of HTTPS://.
Please suggest how can we edit the ORCID and correct it (Screenshot attached).

ORCID error

Hi @shantanusingh,

I think it is the other way around. An ORCID ID is only considered valid if it includes the https:// - or is that what you are saying? You might be using an older version of the plugin (perhaps you could include the version number of the plugin you are using?

PKP Team

I know that applying https:// will be correct but we are not able to edit the ORCiD section of contributor after ORCiD is enabled as you can see in the above image only URL is showing and the textbox is not coming for edit the ORCiD.

ORCiD version is v1.1.3.4
ORCiD error1

Hi @shantanusingh,

Thanks for clarifying. That’s a pretty recent version of the ORCID plugin, so I think you’re good there.

Can you edit it in the author profile? Otherwise, the other option is editing directly in the databaseThis is discussed somewhat in this thread: How to remove ORCID iD from an OJS author profile - #5 by srabun

PKP Team

Hi @shantanusingh ;

Go to Website Settings → Plugins → Installed Plugins and look for ORCID Profile Plugin and uncheck it, and you can edit the ORCID in the profile of the author, and no need to delete and create a new.


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