The layout of "User Home" and other items are different


I done the OJS upgrade from OJS 2.3.8 to OJS 2.4.8. The Upgrade was sucess and everything is working fine.

But when we click on “User Home” the layout is different. When we click on “Home or About” the actual layout is appearing, but when I click on “User Home” it gives another layout.

How can I make it same for all ?

Thank you,

Johnson K. Baby

OJS has multiple contexts: one is the Site context (the URL will indicate “index”) and there is a context for each Journal (the URL will indicate the journal’s shortname).

The User Home is at the Site context.

If you only have one Journal, you have probably customized the theme and styling for just the Journal context.

To configure the Site context, see User Home → Site Administrator → Site Settings.