"The keepers registry"

When I search for our journals, it does not appear in https://keepers.issn.org/ search results.
Note: the acceptance of the journal in PKP PLN was finished days ago before the data updating.

These are my journal ISSN Numbers:

Asian Journal of Clinical Pediatrics and Neonatology
Online ISSN: 2347-3363 | Print ISSN: 2347-3355

Asian Journal of Medical Radiological Research
Online ISSN: 2347-338X | Print ISSN: 2347-3371

Academia Anesthesiologica International
Online ISSN: 2456-7388 | Print ISSN: 2617-5479

Academia Anatomica International
Online ISSN: 2455-5274 | Print ISSN: 2617-5207

Academia Journal of Medicine
Online ISSN: 2663-8290 | Print ISSN: 2663-8282

Academia Journal of Surgery
Online ISSN: 2663-8347 | Print ISSN: 2663-8339

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