The just boil plugin not work

i use OJS uses the to upload images. TinyMCE works fine. Clicking the icon produces a small window to upload images. Selecting images is not problem.

But the upload is not working:
Upload in progress… This is taking longer than usual. An error may have occurred. View script’s output.

The script’s output reads: blank box and still for long time work with nothing
the image about 14K

note: before time i use the same plugin to upload image in the same site and ojs version and upload image and now need to change but can not because the problem

Hi @firas, maybe something with your file permissions on the public folder is not correct – it seems so…
@jamiehenning, if you have exactly the same issue, maybe for you too. Thus, please check the permissions on the public folder…


Same problem with me, public directory is writable and i think that’s not the problem because before the plugin worked well. Thank you

Is this maybe related with the issue here: [OJS] image uploader doesn't work when `public/site` does not exist · Issue #1919 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub i.e. can you reproduce it in the same way as described there?