The figures embeded in the HTML did not show up

I use the OJS 3.100. I have converted a word document into HTML by either Microsoft word or Dreamweaver program. It looked perfect in the screen of my PC with the several figures embed in the text. Once I uploaded the HTML file to the gallery and when I opened the uploaded HTML file the figures could not displayed. Who know what is the problem and most importantly could you instruct me to fix the problem. I only limited skill for this issue.

Hard to say without seeing the actual file.

edit: or wait, by figures do you mean image files?

Yes, the image file!

HTML does not embed the images to the same file like Word or PDF do.

The images in the HTML are probably linked local image files in your computer. Once you upload the HTML file to a server, local links do not work anymore.

You need to upload the images as well. You can do this by editing the added HTML galley file in OJS. When you choose the edit option, you will see a file grid where you can upload the images. You need to make sure that the file names of those images are the same you have used in the HTML file.