The DOI cannot be assigned because the custom suffix is missing

Hello can someone help me? I assigned a doi and then due to an error I had to delete the article, when I reload it I can’t assign it again even though Crossref updated the information with the new data I gave them. The doi is well assigned by Crossref to the correct url of the article, but I can not load it in the ojs, the error I get is:

The DOI cannot be assigned because the custom suffix is missing.

The steps I took were the following I uploaded an article with all the metadata including the doi, Crossref validated the doi, then I realised a mistake I made, I deleted the article I uploaded and re-uploaded it with the correct data. I contacted Crossref to let them know that the url of the article had changed, Crossref updates the information but when I go to ojs to edit the article metadata ojs does not let me upload the assigned doi.

The version I have is: OJS
Thank you very much in advance


Hi @vmorandi,

I’m wondering if you might try updating as per the instructions here: Crossref XML Export Plugin (OJS 3.2+) ?

However, this is for version 3.2+ (I’m would recommend upgrading to a later version of OJS if you can, as 3.1 is no longer supported) - so I’m not sure entirely if this will work for you.

PKP Team

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