The data is not autofilled from the ORCID

Hello, I am using OJS version 3.3.0-16
The ORCID plugin is downloaded from this link: Release 3.3 consider old API URL in plugin settings · pkp/orcidProfile · GitHub
I didn’t have the ORCHID login button displayed on the registration page, so in the file I added the code to the handleTemplateDisplay function:

switch ($template) {
			case 'frontend/pages/userRegister.tpl':
				$templateMgr->registerFilter('output', [$this, 'registrationFilter']);
		return false;

After that, the button appeared and I can connect the profile. However, my registration form fields are not filled in automatically with the available data. What could be the matter?

In similar discussions, they wrote that it might be a member or a public API being used, but then they said that the problem had been fixed in new versions. I use the public API in the ORCID settings.