The cover image disappear in the sub-pages

I’ve installed OJS 3.1.2. on a server and created 2 journals inside OJS .I’m currently working on designing the journals header. In the header, I want to show in one of the columns the cover image of the journal. I’ve added the following codes:

<div class="col-md-3" > 
               {if $homepageImage}
	<div class="homepage-image">
		<img class="pull-left img-responsive" src="{$publicFilesDir}/{$homepageImage.uploadName|escape:"url"}" alt="{$homepageImageAltText|escape}" >

The code is working well and brings the cover page only when I am on the homepage. However, when I go to any sub-page, the cover image disappears. Could anybody help me to fix this issue?