Texture plugin is not importing JATS

I tried with simple texture-desktop generated, published JATS and finally with JATSParser plugin example and I always get errors like this:


I also tested with some from myTypeset repo examples and the result is the same.

Finally I created a very simple one and worked.
Is there any way to bypass those tag-missing errors or we need to fix those JATS manually?


Hi @marc!

Yes, Texture has quite strict requirements for JATS, especially regarding metadata (<front>...</front>). I don’t know the extent to which we can adapt the plugin, @Dulip_Withanage probably knows more.

So, to generate JATS that can be used by Texture additional XML modifications may be needed. Regarding tools, that are compatible, you can try DOCX Converter Plugin (if you use DOCX as an input format): GitHub - Vitaliy-1/docxConverter: Plugin for OJS 3 that parses DOCX and converts it to JATS XML format

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