Testing PKP PN plugin

We would like to test the PKP PN plugin on a test journal before deploying it live on a real journal (to see if it causes any unintended consequences). Is there a recommended way to do that without depositing test content into the archive - like a testing environment or something similar?

Hi @Ramfra,

Good question. I don’t know that we’ve ever given explicit recommendations about testing the PKP PN. You might want to review our documentation on the PKP PN: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/pkp-pn/en/, but as for testing @jonasraoni: any specific recommendations?

PKP Team

Thanks for the reply! I have read through the documentation and see that back issues will be deposited in the archive when we enable the plugin. So I guess the question is whether there is any harm in depositing a few “dummy” back issues/articles from a test journal into the PKP PN. Or if there is a way to “recall” or cancel them once they are deposited.

Hi @Ramfra!

At this moment it’s not possible to remove content from the network. We’re planning to upgrade the LOCKSS software, then I’ll take some time to investigate this possibility, but that’s not going to happen in the near future.

Jonas Raoni

And about consequences:

  • There will be a small task running daily (just checking if there are new issues available, collecting the preservation status, etc), this is supposed to be fast, except the creation of new deposits (the amount of time to export + compact the files will depend on the size of your issue, and it shouldn’t exceed 1GB, which is the current deposit limit of the network).
  • Once a new deposit/issue is packed, it will consume an extra space from your disk until the preservation is completed (I’ll improve this: Decrease the disk space consumption · Issue #40 · pkp/pln · GitHub).

Jonas Raoni

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