Template editing for the site and journal

We have OJS installation with one journal on it. We use the same theme for the site and journal. We defined that there is no redirection.
When I edit common.css the changes are applied only to one theme. Please advuise hwo I can effectively edit style for the all pages including site itself and journal.


You should upload your CSS to the site theme in:
User Home → Site Administrator → Site Settings → Site Style Sheet

These styles will apply across your Site context and each Journal context.

Oh. Thanks. I noticed that in the Site Settings there is no option to upload logo. This may be useful in cases when one installation of OJS is used for one journal or when one institution does have several journals and log may be mandatory to appear on all pages.
Is there any way to upload logo?


You can upload a Site Title image, but this will only display by default in the Site context.

You could use the Site CSS to include an image via the background-image of an element which appears site-wide.

I will append logo to header image and upload it. However, possibility to upload logo could be quite useful in Site Settings. If you know shortcut to do that please let me know.
On journal pages we do have this
On user home pages which is the site page we see this

It could be helpful to see identical as on other pages


You will be stuck with the context switching from Journal to Site in the user home without a local customization.

See this thread for more information:

Thanks. That solved the problem.