Technical advices when number of journal increases in a single install of OJS3?


At University of Bordeaux we currently hosted 5 journals on OJS We plan to host more journals in the next months and we are wondering if there is system requirements and technical advices when the number of journal increases ?

The technical characteristics of our current server are as follows:

  • OS: Debian
  • CPU : 4 processors
  • RAM : 6 Go
  • Disk : 60 Go
  • Softwares: apache 2.4.10, php 5.6, MySQL 5.5
  • Journal storage (for 5 journals) in /var/files directory: 11 Go

Should we increase the RAM of our server? The storage capacity ? Do we need to set up a load balancing system, etc ?

Some of our future journals will have some heavy PDF to upload and some videos to view (We are actually asking how we can embed videos in OJS but it will be the subject of another topic).

I read in a post that @ctgraham worked on a single install with over 40 journals.
Could you give us your technical characteristics for this single install ?
Did you notice some critical issues when you increased the number of your journals in this single install ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Kind Regards

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Our historic experience is with OJS2 rather than OJS3. That said, we use a couple different server profiles, each with 20 - 40 journals:

  • Profile 1
    • CPU: 4 core (typical load 20% - 50%)
    • RAM: 8 GB (PHP memory_limit 512MB)
  • Profile 2
    • CPU: 1 core (typical load 15% - 35%)
    • RAM: 4 GB (PHP memory_limit 2G)

We use a RHEL-flavored OS. These servers have typically had minimal memory usage, the only increase from PHP’s default limit (of 128M) came when we were performing large imports/exports.

Disk usage depends entirely on journal content, and ranges from 21 GB to 147 GB.


Hi @ctgraham,

Thank you for the details and your quick answer.

I’m interested in sharing experiences on the subject. Don’t hesitate to post a message in this topic if you have to make some adjustments in your system, if you encountered problem.

Kind Regards

Hi @hcl

Probably, if the average online traffic is less than 1000, it should do.
In case of keeping video files on external source, 60 Gb should be pretty enough for a long time.

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