Target = "_ blank" in remote URLs of the navigation menu 3.1.0-1


I am working with OJS 3.1.0-1

I would like the remote URLs of the navigation menu that I created to open on a new page, that is, use the attribute: target = “_ blank”

I need to apply that property without modifying the templates, is that possible?

Can you help me?

Hi @David_Alarcon_davidy,

This other post suggests that you do indeed need to modify the template to open a menu link on a new page.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

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I would also like help with this. I believe the reply above refers to OJS 2. In OJS 3, in the primary navigation menu options, there seems to be no way to indicate that a remote URL should load in a separate window.

Is it possible to modify a template with a general rule that any remote page in the primary navigation menu should have target="_blank"?

Thank you.

Has someone found a solution to open some of the remote URL menu items in a new window in OJS3?

Is it possible somehow to include target="_blank;" in the URL field in OJS?
Or should this be a future request for the team? @asmecher ?


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