Table articles mysteriously disappear

I have an OJS instance, version, and a parallel application that index the OJS articles and articles from another places. Everything was fine until last week, when the daily indexation process throwed a “table articles does not exist” error. When inspecting the database, articles doesn’t exist indeed, but all the articles are still working fine in the web. At first glance, no one changed anything, no OJS update or anything, just the table vanishing out of nowhere.

What can be happening?

Hi @etcho

There has not been an articles table in OJS since OJS 2.4. I suspect your parallel application is running a database query that might need an update. Perhaps this query does not always run?


Well, your reply really helped to think about possibilities. Don’t know exactly why the query began to throw an error just now, but the truth is that OJS was upgraded for some time indeed.

Thanks for the enlightment.

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