Support for italicizing keywords?

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We are hoping to be able to italicize keywords as well as other fields. The use case here is mostly titles of works, although this 2016 forum post also mentions a use case for biology for species names: Formatting keywords (italicizing keyword entries) in Latin
I wanted to ask if there are reasons to avoid implementing it.

Steps I took leading up to the issue
By default, keywords can’t be italicized using HTML tags, even though that can be done for titles and a few other fields.

What application are you using?
(but we are also trying to make these fixes compatible with future updates so I have been looking at the latest release on GitHub too, stable-3_4_0 ojs/templates/frontend/objects/article_details.tpl at stable-3_4_0 · pkp/ojs · GitHub)

Additional information
From what I found this topic is covered more extensively in relation to titles, and this thread about titles and italics is very useful: How to make italics in article title in OJS 3

This is the file that’s relevant here:

The above forum post recommends changing this:

to this:

We were able to use it to implement title italicization in our current install, and I can see from the most recent release that OJS defaults currently use these settings to allow italics (using strip_unsafe_html) for the following fields:
data availability

However, they still use “escape” for the keywords, and can’t do italics.

If I replace “escape” with “strip_unsafe_html” on my test site, I can get italicized keywords by entering them with <i> in the metadata field.

So, changing this:
{$keyword|escape}{if !$smarty.foreach.keywords.last}{translate key=“common.commaListSeparator”}{/if}

To this:
{$keyword|strip_unsafe_html{if !$smarty.foreach.keywords.last}{translate key=“common.commaListSeparator”}{/if}

However, since this is not implemented for keywords in the latest version of OJS, I wanted to check – is there a reason to avoid it? Are there plans to add it in future? I imagine strip_unsafe_html would take care of any possible upstream/downstream metadata problems, but I wanted to check – I want to avoid deviating from the main OJS build.

Hi again,
Just wanted to bump this up in case anyone has any insights. I think for now I will recommend we not implement it since I want to stay in line with OJS development but I am curious if there is more discussion around which fields to allow rich text editing and which ones to avoid and if there is a rationale there I could point people to.
Thank you!

Hi @ehopkins,

I think the biggest challenge you’ll have with keywords is that they’re entered using a UI tool called tag-it which allows multiple entries to be added and kept separately. For formatting to be possible, the UI tool would also need to support it, and I’m not aware of a tool that allows both keyword-style entry and rich formatting within entries.

Downstream consumers of fields supporting rich formatting often don’t support that formatting – so in the case of titles, for example, it’s often necessary to strip out the formatting and just provide plain text. That’s not a huge technical hurdle, but does mean that the use of these fields is often limited to just OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi Alec,
Thanks for your reply! We’ve been adding old issues of this journal in bulk with XML so I hadn’t tried to use tag-it for these keywords but that makes sense as to why it would work differently than the other fields!
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