Support for extended PDF


I have read a few great articles in the forum, but they do not answer my question, so I hope some of you who may have experimented or have experiences with PDF files with integrated media files…extended PDF files…could share some of your findings. These are not PDFs with external links to media servers (vimeo) or social media (youtube). The media is inside the file, but the file type in document properties shows 1.7 Adobe Extension Level 3, and it was produced by macOS version 10.15.5 Quartz PDFContext. When saving the file the software does not make it compatible with PCs or Macs like Photoshop does with TIFFs.

The editor of one of our journals has experimented by uploading such a file into OJS (without crashing it…). The media controls are inactive, so it only looks like a photo. The PDF.JS PDF Viewer plugin is the internal solution allowing readers to use the OJS to view the PDF, but it may be limited to what some PDF readers could do if we the plugin is disabled. Could you please point me into the direction of the plugin’s documentation and its PDF file support specifications when you get a chance? I have looked around github (, src, etc.) but did not find the document I was looking for.

Happy holidays, new year, and stay safe! --Arjun

Not sure if that may help: GitHub - mozilla/pdf.js: PDF Reader in JavaScript

Thanks for the link @mpbraendle. I do recall having looked through github but did not find a config file that would enable me to turn on support for specific PDF file types. Even if I did, would it enable me to restrict those choices to just one journal or the entire OJS platform (since I would have to access that file through the cpanel file manager). I would expect other dependencies, so it might not be enough to find and modify such a file but make changes elsewhere in the platform. Happy holidays and stay safe.