Support for a Registered Reports (RR)?

Hi all,

Are there any developments on the way to support a “Registered Report” (RR) workflow with OJS? As you probably know, “Registered Report” is a new publishing format for empirical articles:

in which methods and proposed analyses are pre-registered and peer-reviewed prior to research being conducted


This kind of article requires a somewhat different workflow, as articles are reviewed twice:

Authors of Registered Reports initially submit a Stage 1 manuscript that includes an Introduction, Methods, and the results of any pilot experiments that motivate the research proposal. Following assessment of the protocol by editors and reviewers, the manuscript can then be offered in-principle acceptance (IPA), which means that the journal virtually guarantees publication if the authors conduct the experiment in accordance with their approved protocol. With IPA in hand, the researchers then implement the experiment. Following data collection, they resubmit a Stage 2 manuscript that includes the Introduction and Methods from the original submission plus the Results and Discussion.


To handle this kind of workflow, we would need an “in-principal acceptance” editor decision option which allows to open another review round after the final manuscript has been submitted (including results etc.). This is not exactly the same as a “resubmit” decision in Stage 1, where authors are asked to resubmit their protocol.

As we want to offer such a RR format for our journals ( we would like to learn how others handle this kind of workflow and if there are chances that OJS will support a RR workflow in the future.


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