Subscription SSO plugin parameters

Hi all,

I am working with my web developer to develop a system to allow users from our Wordpress site to use their login credentials also to login to our archives website. We use Woocommerce Subscriptions to manage our subscriptions and we want our current subscribers to be able to access content on our archive (OJS) website automatically after having logged into our main website.

However, they have some questions that I cannot answer about the Subscription SSO plugin. Their query is below. Any help is much appreciated.

Can you please let us know what is the request sent to your site and what are the parameters of this request?

According to the instructions, each user will have his/her unique Incoming parameter name (ssoUserHash) that will be set in in the session once the user is logged in to the WordPress WooCommerce site. As the session is active, when the user goes to a protected page within your site the parameter will be compared with the one set in the Subscription SSO Settings and if there is a match the user will be allowed to access the protected content.

However, we are not sure what the session parameters will look like. Can you please require an example from the development team of the plugin?

Hi @jamilj,

The Subscription SSO plugin will allow OJS to use another system to check whether the user should be able to access published content, but note that it doesn’t mean that OJS logins and e.g. Wordpress logins will interact. OJS logins will still be OJS logins and Wordpress logins will still be Wordpress logins. Think of it like IP-based subscription checks, but where some other system is checked rather than comparing IP addresses.

Have you seen the description of the request exchanges at the Subscription SSO plugin’s github page? It has examples:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear @asmecher,
Where can I enter the following parameters? Interface OJS not showing?

  • Incoming parameter name (should not be already used anywhere by OJS!)
  • Verification URL
  • Verification regular expression
  • Redirect URL
  • Hours valid

Hi @Duong_Duc_Hung,

How did you install the plugin, and what version of the plugin are you using?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team