Subscription renewal reminders being sent despite policy not to - 2.4.6

I’m trying to sort out why or how subscription renewal reminder messages are being sent when
the policy is not to do that?

Elsewhere it has been suggested that “there might be some untracked subscription code work done that may have not been committed to the core codebase”, but this has not been confirmed.

In the meantime, is there any way I can absolutely prevent this from happening? Is it possible to turn off the task that is responsible for sending these email reminders? If so how?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Phil,

Just to confirm, when you say that the policy is not to use subscription renewal emails, do you mean that you’ve disabled them on the Subscription Policies page?


Hi Michael

Thanks for getting back. Yes, on the Subscriptions Policies page both Subscription Expiry Reminders are unchecked.


Hi Phil,

Can you please login as Site Administrator and click on ‘Clear Data Caches’ to see if that resolves the issue for you.

Just to confirm, you don’t have a second instance of OJS on your server, e.g. for testing or development?


Hi Michael,

I have cleared the data caches but will not immediately know if this solves the problem.

It is interesting that you ask the follow up question. Yes, I have a test site installed. It is this test site that these errant messages are being sent from. This is why I have the Renewal Reminders turned off - so if they do get sent they will be sent only from the live database. Of course the data in the test site isn’t up to date with the subscription information - and then we get subscribers responding “we’ve already paid” - the only reason I knew there was a problem.

To compound the problem, potentially, is that we’ve very recently relocated the live site to a new server. The original server now houses the original live site and the test site - both 2.4.6. I have turned off renewal notification on the original live site as well. We’ll see what happens.

BTW - this problem predated the relocation of the live site - so not immediately relevant to the problem.

What ya think?



Hi Phil,

That’s likely the source of the problem – the original live site would still have been running through its scheduled tasks even though you were no longer using it as your primary website.

Can you confirm that the issue is resolved for you now?


We have OJS 3.0 on our server to test.
Our old installation 2.4.8 was completely removed.
Each day we keep receving 4 emails like these:

Subscription expiry reminder - 57e39d5cd73b0 - Error
Subscription expiry reminder - 57e39d5cc375d - Error
##admin.scheduledTask.openAccessNotification## - 57e39d5d6bdbb - Error
##admin.scheduledTask.openAccessNotification## - 57e39d5e22368 - Error

with information like:
Your ##common.openJournalSystems## installation automatically executed and finished this task and you can download the log file here:…

I do not know why we receive these emails and I would like to disable receiving them.
Could you help me?


Hi @ania,

Hmmm… These are the automated notifications, that are run/executed by a Cron Job or Acron Generic Plugin. I wonder why are those two still there, because OJS 3.0 does not support subscriptions yet. @asmecher, shall then these two be removed from registry/scheduledTasks.xml? If so, I can make a patch that you Anna could apply to your installation, or change it manually… but lets wait what Alec says…


Thank you @bozana,

And here is what I see in registry/scheduledTasks.xml:

task class=“lib.pkp.classes.task.ReviewReminder”
descrSend automated reminders to reviewers to complete their assignments.descr
frequency hour=“0”
task class=“classes.tasks.SubscriptionExpiryReminder”
descr Send automated reminders to subscribers regarding their expired/about to expire subscriptions.descr
frequency hour=“0”
task class=“classes.tasks.OpenAccessNotification”
descrSend automated email to registered readers that have requested to be notified when an issue becomes open access.descr
frequency hour=“0”

So I will wait for your advice,


PS I removed: / > and <

Hi @ania and @bozana,

I’ve filed this as a bug in our issue tracking system with a fix on the way: Automatic emails for open access/subscription triggered post-install in OJS 3.0 · Issue #1838 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub