Subscription Management broken? Or is it?

Hello, we have upgraded from to 3.2 and the subscription management section is not working as we expected. We have enable payments (paypal) as that configuration was not migrated. We have verified that subscriptions are set in several issues. We have learned that there is no
“Subscription” option on the left side… only “Payments”.

When we click on the “Payments” then any of the options like Institutional or Invididual options, it comes to the same graphic page as shown below…except that the URL is specific for which every option is chosen.
There are no errors in the php log. It is really just a blank page.

I am logged in as a journal user same as in but when I look at the roles, normally I could connect
as a subscription manager in the journal…but that seems to have changes. See second graphic.

Bottom line is How do we manage subscriptions on this version of OJS3? Thanks!



Hi @radjr,

Subscriptions can be enabled in the Distribution Settings which will bring up a Subscriptions menu item where the settings can be configured.

Please take a look at our documentation on this topic to help with the configuration.



This was already done. See first graphic. We still cannot see the subscriptions to manage them.

NOTE: per other responses, the documentation is out of date. See third graphic. The subscription option is no longer there but is under the Payments option.




Hi @radjr,

If you visit the Users and Roles settings from the main navigation menu, are you able to assigned the Subscription Manager to the user account? It should still be one of the role options.

Yes, In this case, this is my user account… As you can see I am set up as Subscription Manager. I am also Journal Manager and Journal Editor…the roles I had under



FYI, the subscription pages come up for one of our journals but not for the other. What should we be checking to get it working in the one journal for which it does not? Thanks!

So, it seems that if, I am a user with Journal Manager or Subscription Manager Roles AND my subscription has expired to the journal, I am unable to see the options below.

  • [Individual Subscriptions] * [Institutional Subscriptions] * [Subscription Types] * [Subscription Policies] * [Payment Types] * [Payments] and if you click on any of the options, it takes you to a “Renew” page. For example, if you click on * [Individual Subscriptions] then it takes you to …/payments#individualSubscription

I think the logic is broken because on the, if you are set up as a journal manager, you can still see and manage subscriptions.

Can somebody look into this or confirm it has been fixed in 3.3.x? THANKS!

@radjr are you still struggling with this? I was unable to get payments set up properly until I figured out that there’s a setting that needs to be captured under Distribution Settings > Payments, which isn’t captured in the official documentation but which I documented locally for my institution.

Thanks. Yes, I learned that the hard way. We also had a compounding issue which was that permissions were not set properly during the upgrade and several plugins where not installed properly! Thanks for your followup AND documentation. I will consult it when we go for our final upgrade from 2.4.8 to 3.x. Best, Rich DeVito

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