Submitting bilingual article title and abstract in one from

We have a bilingual journal on OJS 2.4.7 and authors have requested to be able to insert article title and abstract in both languages in the 3rd step of article submission without the need to change form locale (by having two insert fields for each item).
I have changed the templates/author/submit/step3.tpl as following and added the locales directly in each input name and value:

{fieldLabel name="title" required="true" key="article.title"} `` {fieldLabel name="title" required="true" key="article.title"} `

it works and now there are two fields for the title and the data is also saved correctly in the database.
Problem is that if the author steps forward to step 4 for example and comes back to step3, this fields are displayed blank.
the data is there and saved correctly but will not be shown.
I tried adding locales to the id and class of the input, but did not work.
any suggestions?


Its possible to do the same to the OJS ???

Hi @alienmau,

OJS 3.x already has all language fields on the same page, with alternate languages hidden until the primary language field is opened. If you don’t see these, check your languages configuration.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team