Submitting articles

Hello, I have problems in submitting articles, the system doesn’t upload them. Are there any specific settings I need to make as Journal Manager or Administrator? or is the problem because a specific Version of Open Office/Word or PDF is required?

Hi @richardk,

Any common used article file type can be uploaded (odt, doc, html, images, xml, etc). So I don’t think this is the problem.

I think you might have a permission problem in you files_dir folder. Make sure that the user that’s running the server php process can write into that folder.

Also, it would help looking at the php error log files. Do you have access to the server ones? If you don’t, enable the debug settings in and try the file upload again. If there’s an error and php outputs some message, it will appear on the page. You can paste it here so we can try to help.


Hi Bruno,

thank you very much for your immediate reply.
I have contacted my hosting company who setup OJS on our server and am pending
their reply.


Hello @richardk

Were you able to resolve your problem with the file upload?
We are encountering similar problems: During the submission process, a submission file is selected using the browser but upon clicking the upload button, nothing happens without an error message.
Any help would be appreciated since no user can currently submit any articles to our journal.

Thank you.

Hello Maurice, yes I solved the problem. It is some tecnical setting that the people which installed your OJS software must set. It is not depending from your procedure in uploading