Submitted articles not displaying after upgrade to OJS 3.2

My site was built on OJS 3.1 but I needed to upgrade to 3.2. I was able to upgrade the site to 3.2. But with problems. The journal already had submission made to it, but after the upgrade, although the submitted documents could still be found in the database. But when you log into the site and click on submission, all active submissions are not displayed.

I contacted the network guys and they sent this reply

I have reviewed the complete interaction and found the Database “cytkqomy_Emmanuel” was restored from the Backup dated “September 17, 2020”. Further researching the support interaction, you were reporting the actual issue regarding the “Submissions” or “Articles” are not visible through the website “”.

I have tested the functionality using the test credentials provided through the support interaction and I was able to replicate the reported error. Researching the “error_log” of the website, I was able to find the “PHP Deprecated” errors being logged and I have included it in this link : Error Logs

I have tested the PHP compatibility by updating the PHP version from PHP 7.1 to PHP 7.4, 7.3, 7.2 and 5.6 as well, which did not resolve the issue. I am afraid that, we are not trained to troubleshoot the issues with the custom website. The best option would be reporting the error/issue to the Website developer, who will be having the most experience with troubleshooting the issues with the custom installation. I’m sorry this wasn’t something we could resolve for you on our end. Please get back to us if the developer requires any additional information or provides any information which requires our assistance and we will be glad to look further into this for you.

Currently, the File structure “public_html/journals/1/articles/10/submission” is having 2 files stored in it “10-1-25-1-2-20200818.docx and 10-1-25-2-2-20200827.docx”, which are also present under “public_html/12_Backup/journals/1/articles/10/submission”. I have compared the File structure of “public_html/journals/1/articles/10/submission” with the Backup dated “September 17, 2020” and it is also having the 2 files, which are already present in the account.

Hi @Emmanuel_Nnadi,

Did the upgrade from OJS 3.1.x to 3.2.x report that it completed successfully? What version does OJS itself report that it’s running? (See How do I determine my PKP software's version? for details on how to determine that.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team