Submit an Article, Step 2. Upload article - change the default text string

I would like to change the default text string: Upload any files the editorial team will need to evaluate your submission.

In which file is this text string located?

I would like to replace this string and give authors some instructions like:
Dear authors, now you should upload all required files at this stage:

  • English proofreading confirmation (certificate, declaration, document)*,
  • Licence (signed and scanned, pdf document)*,
  • Reviewers (Name, E-mail, Institution, Provide for 2 - 3 persons)*,
  • Article Text*
    You can upload any other supplementary files.
    If you will not upload all of these files, your submission will not be processed.

Thank you.

Hi Peter,

The best way to do what you want to do is to make use of the custom locale plugin, available in the plugin gallery. Text strings are stored in the locale/xx_XX/ directory or in the lib/pkp/locale/xx_XX directory in a series of PO files, but it’s best not to edit them by hand.


Thank you, for your help. I have used a custom locale plugin as you recommended.

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