Submissions Workflow - Download All Files - ZIP File Size 0 Bytes

We are running into issues when trying to download all files of one particular stage of a submission. The file offered for download ( has a size of 0 bytes. We have tried this on different installations and with varying journals as well as two different stages.

  • Application Version - OJS 3.2.1-3
  • Reproduce: Go to Submission Workflow, select an active submission, below the submission files list select “Download all files”
  • Steps we took so far: In we turned on show_stacktrace, display_errors and log_web_service_info, to no avail. We are currently waiting for the relevant extract from the PHP logfiles.

Download-link example (edited):

I replaced the IDs here, but we can see that the information correlates with what we can find in the database.

Download of single files works with no problems. Other usages of ZipArchive work, we have seen this with PKP PN plugin. Also tar is configured correctly in

We have now received the extract from the PHP logfiles, but there are no messages related to this issue.