Submissions automatically assigned to guest editor, OJS3


I am running OJS 3.0.2

Somehow, all the submissions are automatically assigned to me as a guest editor. I have enabled Journal editor and almost all other roles for me, because I am still testing the OJS3. Is there a setting how the new submissions are assigned?


I think (!) that the guest editor is basically the same thing as a section editor. I think that PKP was planning to have some own functionalities for guest editors, but these did not make it to OJS3.

If you have only one section editor (or in this case a guest editor) then all the submissions are assigned to that editor. You can prevent this by creating another user with the same role. I have discussed the issue here: [OJS] OJS 3.0: Section editor gets assigned to all submissions · Issue #1962 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub