Submission without editor does not appear in Unassigned queue but rather Active queue

I am acquainting myself with the OJS3 the editorial workflow on a test server running OJS3.4.0-4. I created submissions as 1) Author, 2) Journal editor and 3) Journal manager. #1 shows up in Unassigned as expected; #2 shows up in Active queue with Journal editor assigned as expected; #3 does not appear in Unassigned queue, but shows up in Active queue and specifies that no is editor assigned, and when I view #3, it says there are “No Items” under Participants. Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

Unassigned tab:

Active tab:

Steps I took leading up to the issue
For example:

  1. Created a user with all relevant Roles
  2. Logged in as that user
  3. Clicked on New Submission and went through the “Make a Submission” process, submitting this and the next two to the same Section. Clicked on Submit As “Author” for first submission (submission_id=19628 in screenshots)
  4. Repeated step #3 but clicked on Submit As “Journal editor” (submission_id=19629)
  5. Repeated step #3 but clicked on Submit As “Journal manager” (submission_id=19630)
  6. Logged out as user and looked at submission lists from regular manager account

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-4

Additional information
To understand the logic of how the queues are created, I turned on the debug flag to obtain the query that identifies unassigned submissions. It is (with the ? of the prepared statement filled in):

select count(*) as aggregate from submissions as s left join publications as po on s.current_publication_id = po.publication_id where s.context_id in (1) and s.status in (1) and s.date_submitted is not null and (select count(stage_assignments.stage_assignment_id) from stage_assignments left join user_groups on stage_assignments.user_group_id = user_groups.user_group_id where stage_assignments.submission_id = s.submission_id and user_groups.role_id in (16, 17)) = 0

The relevant part of the query is the subquery which if tweaked to make easier to read and allow interpretation of the results, is:

SELECT submission_id,COUNT(stage_assignment_id) FROM stage_assignments s
LEFT JOIN user_groups u ON s.user_group_id=u.user_group_id
WHERE submission_id>=19628 AND role_id IN (16, 17)
GROUP BY submission_id;

The query returns 0 for id=19628 (Author) and 1 for both id=19629 (Editor) and id=19630 (JM). It’s the “1” value for that third submission which causes OJS to say that it has an editor assignment. The stage_assignment values for these submissions are:


And the user_group table contains:

What it seems to come down to is this: the role_id for user_group_stage_id=2 is presently 16 (Editor) and is recorded in the stage_assignments table when a submission is submitted as JM. Is this intended or should it be something different to distinguish a JM from an Editor?