I updated to 3.1, tried the quick submit plugin once, deinstalled it and now I get a ##submission.submit.checklistErrors## message (which is apparently not yet translated to German) even though I check the copyright box and selected an article section.
You can try it at inklusion-online.net
Does anyone have an idea, what that could be?
Best regards
Frank J.

Hi @Frank_J

Hmmm… I think this has something to do with the submission preparation checklist for the authors – the checkboxes that an author has to select to confirm that all submission requirements are met. Do you have that list in your journal (Settings > Workflow > Submission)? Do you get that message when you start a new submission, in the submit step 1?
I just wonder why you get that message – the ajax message “This field is required.” should be displayed instead, I believe.
And it is correct that that message does not exist and is thus not translated… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @bozana,
yeah! That helped. I didnt have any entries in that field, but it still tried checking if all the (non-existing) checkboxes were checked and failed. I added one checkbox and now it works. but still worth looking into I believe, as the standard for beginners may be no checkboxes.
Thank you!
Frank J.