Submission process information in OJS 3.0.2

I am migrating from OJS 2.4 to 3.0.2.
In 2.4, the Journal setup had a “GUIDING SUBMISSIONS” step, where we could define, for instance, the “copyright notice”.
In 3.0.2, I see the content I had put in the 2.4 “copyright notice” in the “Acknowledge the copyright statement” when I start a submission.
But how can I edit it to modify the text ?

Hi @Francesco

Please, as journal manager, go through all Settings menue items and fields to get familiar where to find the fields now. For example the copyright notice is now under Settings > Distribution > Permissions, and author guidelines are under Settings > Workflow > Submission.


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Thank you very much, Bozana!

I had overlooked the permission/copyright section within the “Distribution” step.
Concerning the submission, there is only one section, but you have explained well in the other post: OJS 3.0.2 editorial policies