Submission notes visible for authors


If I have understood correctly, submission notes should only be visible for editorial staff?

However, If I log in with an author role and look for my submission on the “My authored” list, I can access the submission notes by clicking the blue triangle => “More information”.

This gives me an error "The current role does not have access to this operation.", but after clicking OK and again OK for another dialog box I can see the History tab (it does not load anything) and the Notes tab. Clicking the Notes tab does not give any errors and it shows the notes the editor has added.

So, my question: should this be happening, probably not?

Edit: OJS 3.0.0

Hi all,

This has also been filed here (which is a better place for the conversation):

(@ajnyga, if you end up filing something in both places, feel free to cross-link – it helps keep the discussion from diverging.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team