Submission notes and upgrading to OJS3: note files lost


After upgrading to OJS3 I noticed that the submission notes no longer support file attachments. Basically all files exist in note folder under each submission, but the files are not accessible in OJS.

I did some digging around and the note files are also present in the submission_files table and they seem to have file_stage “3” set for them. However, in the notes table there is no mention about files anymore like there used to be in OJS2.

So, is there a plan to make those notes files accessible again? If not, should they be visible at least in the submission library section? Now all journals that have used notes to save article related data in files won’t be able to access the files anymore.

A simple solution would be to add a link to all notes with a file attached during the upgrade process ($$$call$$$/api/file/file-api/download-file?fileId=X&submissionId=Y) and you could just instruct the journals to use the submission library to similar purposes later.

Or alternatively you could move the notes files straight to the submission library during the upgrade to OJS3 and then create the links to the old notes.

EDIT: I noticed that the contents of submission library is visible for the author, so that is not an option if a journal wants to save files containing information not meant for the author. And if I understand lines 30-32 in correctly authors also have access to submission notes now? So where would you add those kinds of files in OJS3?

The same issue mentioned also here:

(just a side note, why are submission library files under a separate contexts folder?)

Hi @ajnyga,

I’ve filed this for attention in the issue list.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi @ajnyga

What are those submission notes i.e. how do I create them in OJS 2.4.x ? :-\


I think it was under the history tab if you open a submission, but I can not check right now.

Edit: yes it was, title “Submission notes”

Thanks @ajnyga! I found that place, but those list is always empty for me and I do not know how to create them for testing… :-\

I do not think that many journals have used this because it is well hidden in OJS2.

But you can add new notes there with the add new note button:

@ajnyga, THANKS A LOT!!!