Submission Language missing after Upgrade

I have I upgraded from to
I have 3 languages installed in the system and 6 journals to manage, I noticed that when I try to modify the metadata of an article, I cannot find the French language (default language of the system) among the list choice of the submission language element in the metadata form but I only find (english and arabic).
the screenshots show the language settings in my system.

If anyone has an idea how to fix that, I appreciate.

I found the solution:
the problem was the same language name in the file ./registry/locales.xml
I renamed before upgrade “Français (Canada)” to “Français”, so the 2 languages “fr_CA” and “fr_FR” had the same name “Français”, and because I used fr_CA, I renamed fr_FR name to “Français (France)” to distinguish the 2 names and that’s it.