Submission files and images not uploading

Did you check permissions in files folder? What are your upload file size limits in PHP? Did you check your error_log?


i checked but not working. pls verify the permission


Did you check the file upload limit for PHP? Or the error log?

The permissions are fine if the folder is writable. On my server the owner of the files folder (and subfolders) has to be apache so that php scripts can write in the folder.

error log details
[Sun Dec 04 21:49:03.352889 2016] [:error] [pid 720701] [client] File does not exist: /home/ijeres/public_html/404.php, referer:

another error image

Do you get that error every time you try to upload something? There is no 404.php file in OJS that I know of, so that sounds weird.

Did you check that the files and public folders are writable for php and did you check what you php upload limit is?

same error came. file, image uploads are not working.
HTTP error arise while pdf or world uploads. and when upload a image error message came like file is not uploaded.
pls help me to avoid like this problem


This is likely a problem with file permissions. Note that just numeric file permissions (e.g. 755) may not be enough – you’ll also need to know who owns the files, and how your server’s PHP SAPI expects file ownership to behave. There is a FAQ entry on this.

Note that you may also not have checked your PHP error log yet – your PHP log might be separate from your Apache log. Again, this will depend on your server’s configuration.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

thank you sir, now its working perfectly.


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