Submission Acknowledgement Email Upon Submission of Revised manuscript

Hi there,
I have just upgraded my version of OJS 3.1.1.
I have noticed this:
when an author submit a revised version of the manuscript, I - as the editor/ journal manager - do not receive any acknowledgement email, unlike the first submission.
Is there any way to get this done?
thank you fro your time and kind attention.

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Has there been any reply to this? As Journal Manager it will be useful to get this notification first so that checks can be done before it is sent to section editors?

Just doing another follow-up here @bozana @asmecher Maybe you can help?

Hi @NadineWubbeling and @AJOMINFO

With these issues #3326, #3259, #3278 and #2618 came the e-mail notification for editors that are explicitly assigned to that submission i.e. that are responsible for that submission. Other users will not get the notification… and I think currently it is not planned to do that… What is further planned is described in this issue: Author Confirmation Notice that Revised File Has Been Received · Issue #2665 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.


Thank you @bozana. This might be something that needs to be considered. Especially in double-blind situations it is easier for us as Journal Managers to blind the articles and then send to Editors. Authors do not always follow the guidelines and Editors are not always as vigilant with author names.

Hi @NadineWubbeling,
I added your suggestion to that GitHub Issue, then we can see how it resonate with the others and general requirements…

Just as an update here. I just received an email notification that a revised manuscript has been submitted. Has this been updated with the latest version? We upgraded last weekend?

This issue seems to have been fixed: