SUBMISSION_ACK_NOT_USER create an empy email

Hi to all,
I’m sending email to authors of submissions.
The email to the principal contact [template SUBMISSION_ACK] works without problems.
But emails to others authors [template SUBMISSION_ACK_NOT_USER] are empty.
Emails are sent and I see them in the mail boxes but without content.
Also in table ‘email_log’ the mails are present but ‘body’ field is empty.

My principla language is italian, I have translate template SUBMISSION_ACK_NOT_USER and others email templates.

Zeno Tajoli

Hi @ztajoli

Which OJS version are you using?
Do you use any other language?
When you go to Settings > Workflow > Emails and then editor the “Submission Ack Not User” e-mail, do you see the body text for all your languages?


I’m using the last version of OJS (3.1.1). I use only English and Italian.
I have translate all files of email-templates.
But I go to Settings > Workflow > Emails in English I see 58 templates.
If i use Italian I see only 49 templates. SUBMISSION_ACK_NOT_USER is missing
I don’t find a way to add the template under Italian also.
I needo to insert it with SQL ?

I fixed with a language reolad.
My translation were done on xml files, so I don’t lose anything.