Store public folder seperatly from OJS folder

Dear all,

in our institute, we want to build up an OJS fallback solution. The plan is to have the OJS folders mirrored on two seperated servers (a primary and a fallback, in case the primary dies), while the submissions are on a seperate Samba-Share for both servers to access.

However, we are concerned about the public folder (i.e. defined by public_files_dir), since it should be relative to the OJS folder (as stated in the We would like to exclude the public folder from the OJS folder too, so both, the primary and the fallback system, can access the same public folder.

Can we put the public folder into the Samba-Share also and only refer to it with a symlink in the two systems? Or is there a better solution to seperate the public folder?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Adrian,

IMO, a symlink should be fine.