Stop Forum Spam Plugin Download


I am new to OJS, I have inherited a server from another colleague and needing to install : Stop Forum Spam Plugin.

I have looked at : Stop Forum Spam to download the plugin and have searched the forum but cannot find the location of the : Stop Forum Spam Plugin for OJS. i see other platform plugins

I do not see any additional plugins under the plugin gallery , i do however have the option to upload plugins

If someone could point me in the correct location to download the correct Stop Forum Spam Plugin or where else i can find the list of supported plugins for download would appreciate it.

Thank you

  • Application Version OJS
    Server OS : Ubuntu

I have found this link :

But does not seem to be able to install the plugin, does not give me the successfully added message, but does not give me a error either

There was an old plugin in OJS 2.x for the Stop Forum Spam service.

If you have some PHP skills, or can offer beer, sugar, or caffine to someone who does, a version for OJS 3.x could be built. The existing Akismet plugin might provide a good template, as it operates similarly, but with a subscription service. Find the code here:

Or, if you want to subscribe to Akismet, you could install that plugin from the Plugin Gallery.

Dont mind offering some coffee :slight_smile:
Thank you for your assistance :slight_smile:
What is the new norm then on OJS3 to mitigate spam accounts ? (free version)

ReCAPTCHA (, email validation (, and formHoneypot (plugin gallery) are some no-cost tools:

When a site is targeted for specific abuse, I add in akismet, but this is a paid service.