[STDERR] ojs2: 404 Not Found

Hi there!

We have a weird situation where we have 1 journal installed on, the main url https://myjo.org/ leads tot the above error, while the journal is available through: Malaysian Journal of Ophthalmology
So somehow the redirect doesn’t work, but all settings seem to be as they should. It’s always been a one journal installation. The version is OJS

Does anyone have any clues how to solve this?



Hi Simon,

Are you using .htaccess for anything? If so, would you mind posting any relevant bits related to rewriting URLs?


Hi Jason,

no .htaccess files are being used

Hey Simon,

Is the journal set to being available publicly on the site?




Out of curiosity, if you disable force_ssl and try to use the site on a regular http:// url, does it work there? Perhaps there is a difference in the virtualhost settings for 443 versus 80?

Good though, but no result



Just looking back to the original post. You say that this has always been a one journal installation. You’re running 3.1.1-4 - did you upgrade, or is this a recent install from that version? If it’s an upgrade, did it work before?

It did work before, we did the update about when it was released. I am not sure when it stopped working though. I tried to re-install but to no avail, also restored a backup with no effect

Jason, unfortunately we found out what happened, the server was hacked with this: apache - Mysterious ico files appearing on webserver - Webmasters Stack Exchange. Which changed index files and messed up the redirect on the top domain to the journal pages. Which was a blessing in disguise as we wouldn’t have noticed the hack otherwise. However, we are still trying to figure out how things got infected. Anyway, this topic can be closed, thanks for your help!

Hi Simon,

While I am glad that you’ve figured it out, I am sorry to hear about the hack. Any idea as to a vector for the intrusion yet?