Stats not showing up in OJS

I have a problem with the stats on my website not registering. I contacted the webhost and this was their response:

"During the investigation of the issue, I found that all your previous statistic logs have been corrupted and contained malicious redirect so I was forced to recreate all configs and log files from scratch.
At the current time, you cPanel metrics section should be working correctly. Please check and let us know whether you need any additional assistance. "

Is there any way to check to see if statistics are now working? Can I replace the server log files within OJS?


Hi @sherrikeller,

One way you can check if usage statistics are being collected is to run some reports under Stats and Reports in OJS. If your stats logs just got recreated you won’t be able to go back very far, but if there is some data there you will know statistics are being generated.

Also if you have access to your site’s files via cPanel you can check your log files in files/usageStats/usageEventLogs/

For more information about statistics, check out the OJS Administrator’s Guide: Statistics

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team