STATISTICS_REPORT_NOTIFICATION emails are sent to wrong roles

we are running OJS 3.3.0-4 version.
The journal manager sent me a complaint, that editorial members are receiving mentioned emails.
I’ve checked only one recipient, he is assigned to two roles: Guest editor and Reviewer

While in docs it’s written, that such emails are sent only to Editor/Journals Manager roles.

Is it a bug?

Could we somehow disable this email sending or edit the roles to which this template is assigned?

Thank you!


I’ve just checked the code and it seems to be right.
OJS has internal roles, so it’s possible to create a “Guest Editor” that acts as a “Journal Manager”, these are the “internal roles” that are supposed to receive this emails:

It’s currently not possible to configure the emails deeper (e.g. block/include specific people and roles)

Jonas Raoni

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Thank you for your reply!
Does this mean, that if I will remove the “Guest editor” role from that specific user and leave only “Reviewer” role, that person won’t receive such emails? And emails will be sent only to Editor/Journals Manager roles?

Yes, or if the “internal role” of the Guest Editor gets changed to something else.

Jonas Raoni