Statistics haven't changed and load

My statistics haven’t changed since September. Could you tell me what went wrong?
PHP error log is: bx157.phpruntime [06-Nov-2018:04:20:46 +0800] astp 190 1 PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’ in /data1/www/htdocs/190/astp/1/plugins/generic/usageStats/ on line 184 bx157.


        // Avoid internal apache requests.
  	if ($entryData['url'] == '*') continue;

  	// Avoid non sucessful requests.
  	$sucessfulReturnCodes = array(200, 304);
  	if (!in_array($entryData['returnCode'], $sucessfulReturnCodes)) continue;

  	// Avoid bots.
  	if (Core::isUserAgentBot($entryData['userAgent'], $this->_counterRobotsListFile)) continue;

  	list($assocId, $assocType) = $this->_getAssocFromUrl($entryData['url'], $filePath, $lineNumber);
  	if(!$assocId || !$assocType) continue;

  	$countryCode = $cityName = $region = null;
  	$plugin = $this->_plugin;
  	if (!$plugin->getSetting(CONTEXT_ID_NONE, 'dataPrivacyOption')) {
  		list($countryCode, $cityName, $region) = $geoTool ? $geoTool->getGeoLocation($entryData['ip']) : array(null, null, null);
  		// Check optional columns setting.
  		$optionalColumns = $plugin->getSetting(CONTEXT_ID_NONE, 'optionalColumns');
  		if (!in_array(STATISTICS_DIMENSION_CITY, $optionalColumns)) $cityName = null;
  		if (!in_array(STATISTICS_DIMENSION_REGION, $optionalColumns)) $cityName = $region = null;
  	$day = date('Ymd', $entryData['date']);

Thanks for your help ahead of time.

The error_log() lines are malformed and the source of your PHP Parse error.

For example:

Each error_log() function is missing the closing parenthesis.

Did you add these to try to debug another problem, or is this part of identifying why the statistics processing stopped?

It turns out that the parenthesis problem, I was so stupid, at first to find that the data was loaded but there was no statistical reason, and later the data was not loaded because of this error.