Statistics are not shown only on one journal

In an instance of OJS 3.3.0-9 I have a problem with only one journal.

  1. Since November 2020, statistics are not recorded for downloads, but they are for summaries.

  2. Articles before November 2020 show empty stats plugin and articles after show “Download data not yet available.”.

The metrics table includes data on file downloads and log files are being processed properly. It is strange that it only happens in a single journal.

Any suggestions? I appreciate the help.

Hi @Gerardo_Tibana

Did something happen in Nov 2020? Did you perhaps add a base_url override for one of those journals because it is on a custom domain? For stats to collect properly for all journals you should have a base_url set for all journals once you start using custom urls for even one journal. This bug was fixed in a newer version of 3.3 I believe.


Hi @jnugent,

Thanks for the quick reply.

In the OJS instance we have 15 journals and only this one has the problem, it was updated to version 3.3.0-9 two months ago and there is only one base_url for all journals.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Gerardo_Tibana

I’d suggest looking in the scheduledTaskLogs folder (it’s inside the directory specified by your files_dir parameter) for the most recent usage statistics task file and see if there are any errors in there. Perhaps some logs are being skipped or lines are being left out.

You can also look in the usageEventLogs folder in there and see if the log files in the archived/ folder contain entries that make sense for the journal in question.